08 June 2010

Item NO.149 / PriCe: 45.000KD

05 June 2010

Her Highness Necklace !

very new !!

a royalty necklace that makes you just feel like a queen !
mixed pearl, swaroviski, chains and beads,
it comes with bracelet as well.
Item NO.148 / PriCe: 120.000KD


30 May 2010

New NeckLace

Item NO.147 / PriCe: 30.000KD

New Brooch

Item NO.146 / PriCe: 25.000KD

17 May 2010

Monalisa Necklace


Item NO.145 / PriCe: 45.000KD

13 May 2010

Mixed of chains & Pearl


Item NO.144 / PriCe: 25.000KD

25 September 2009


Item NO.143 / PriCe: 18.000KD

Item NO.142 / PriCe: 18.000KD

Item NO.141 / PriCe: 18.000KD
all color available !!

Item NO.140 / PriCe: 20.000KD

Item NO.139 / PriCe: 18.000KD


Item NO.138 / PriCe: 10.000KD

Item NO.137 / PriCe: 12.000KD

Item NO.136 / PriCe: 10.000KD

Item NO.135 / PriCe: 10.000KD

16 September 2009

New CoLLecTion

Item NO.134 / PriCe: 20.000KD

Item NO.133 / PriCe: 18.000KD
any color available !!

uniQue Necklace

Item NO.132 / PriCe: 20.000KD

19 July 2009


Item NO.131 / PriCe: 20.000KD

Item NO.130 / PriCe: 15.000KD

07 July 2009

Precious HeadBands !

If you are looking for something really Precious
These h
eadbands are what you'r looking for..!

Item NO.129 / PriCe: 35.000KD
one piece ONLY !

Item NO.128 / PriCe: 35.000KD
one piece ONLY !

02 July 2009

Hair brooch

for your special occasions
fancy purple hair brooch mixed with beige feather decorated with silver lace and pearls.

- all colors available -
Just Tell me what u like !!
Item NO.127 / PriCe: 22.000KD

30 June 2009

All Party Headbands !!

a unique style of a party headbands,
all items has one piece ONLY !
It's really fashion and fancy ;-)

PLZ: click on the pic to see it in a large size !!

Purple lace mixed with Color Beige and gold, decorated with beads.
NO.126 / PriCe: 35.000KD
one piece ONLY !

pink and black with big silver swaroviski brooch decorated with lace, toor and beads, silk ribbon on the side and on top pink feather, it's magical ;P~
NO.125 / PriCe: 35.000KD
one piece ONLY !

I love colors, i mixed all the colors in the swaroviski brooch, red, blue, green, pink and orange, its incompatible with any dress you have !
NO.124 / PriCe: 35.000KD
one piece ONLY !

who doesn't like gold ?
this is just a classic gold with black and little touch of tiger, big swaroviski crystal on the side and lots of beads.
Item NO.123 / PriCe: 35.000KD
one piece ONLY !

13 June 2009

Feather HeadBands

Item NO.121 / PriCe: 16.000KD

Item NO.120 / PriCe: 20.000KD

Item NO.119 / PriCe: 18.000KD

Item NO.118 / PriCe: 18.000KD

Item NO.117 / PriCe: 18.000KD

10 June 2009

Special Order headbands !

I designed this headband for a special order, this is the first time I mix these two colors, I realy liked it a lot..
BTW: 3alaich bel 3afya dear :-)

NO.116 / PriCe: 18.000KD

This headband is amazing and unique, it's an art believe me ;)
NO.115 / PriCe: 22.000KD

09 June 2009

Baby headbands !

Item NO.114 / PriCe: 8.000KD

Item NO.113 / PriCe: 8.000KD

Item NO.112 / PriCe: 8.000KD

Item NO.111 / PriCe: 8.000KD

Item NO.110 / PriCe: 8.000KD

Item NO.109 / PriCe: 8.000KD

Item NO.122 / PriCe: 8.000KD

30 May 2009


NO.108 / PriCe: 22.000KD

Item NO.107 / PriCe: 18.000KD

Item NO.106 / PriCe: 20.000KD

Item NO.105 / PriCe: 20.000KD

Item NO.104 / PriCe: 22.000KD

Item NO.103 / PriCe: 18.000KD

09 May 2009

uniQue HeadBands

Item NO.102 / PriCe: 16.000KD

Item NO.101 / PriCe: 14.000KD

Item NO.100 / PriCe: 12.000KD

Item NO.99 / PriCe: 18.000KD

Item NO.98 / PriCe: 15.000KD

Item NO.97 / PriCe: 18.000KD

Item NO.96 / PriCe: 15.000KD

Item NO.95 / PriCe: 18.000KD

Item NO.94 / PriCe: 12.000KD